Moms4Moms Day

Happy Moms4Moms Day! A day for all moms to stop being so judgy and start being more lovey. So we’re putting it all out there because no mom is perfect and that’s okay. Where to begin?

The advice I give all new moms and moms to be. Whatever you do is exactly right for you and your family.

With that said, here are just some of my mommy #truths.

I rarely cook and we could definitely eat better.

I breastfed and formula fed my kids.

It’s rare my husband and I get to sleep in the same bed. We both cosleep with one. Divide and conquer.

I work outside the home.

I take my kids to the sitter when I have a nonholiday weekday off.

One kid is a thumb sucker. The other has a paci.

I outsource deep cleaning.

My kids will go to public school.

My kids watch TV and YouTube.

They go to bed super late.

Sometimes their hair is messy. Sometimes mine is.

No gender role rules. Anyone can do basketball or ballet and play with Barbie and Batman.

Those are just a few I can think of for now as I threw this together between dinner, bath time, reading a story, and running on the treadmill. See I’m not that horrible:)

Anyhoo, let’s all commit to less self doubt and more support of each other as parents. It ain’t easy and there’s so many ways to do your best.