Science Kid

As a parent, I have learned that as often as you ask your children to tell you about their day, they rarely share the stuff you might find most interesting.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes you have to discover the highlight reel of their day by searching their backpacks.  Today was one of those days.

As I looked through Cyan’s backpack I discovered that she won first place for kindergarten in the science fair.  Heck yeah!


The science fair took place last week.  After some research on Pinterest, we decided to explore Which color of M&M is most common?  (On a side note, I sure am glad to be parenting in the time of Pinterest.  I may not be a Pinterest bride, but a Pinterest mom is pretty darn close when it comes to copying other great ideas).

20160121_080322[1] 20160117_204137[1]

Cyan’s guess was that red would be the most common color because it is bright.


In the case of peanut M&Ms, her hypothesis was right.

20160117_204626[1] 20160121_080332[1]

In the case of mini M&Ms, yellow edged out red by one M&M except for the fact that Cyan ate one of the yellow mini M&Ms.  I guess we may need to work on our scientific method.  But at least the success tasted sweet!

20160117_210027[1] 20160121_080337[1]

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