Atticus’ Corgi Birthday Party

Atticus said he wanted a puppy party for his 3rd birthday. So I set out for Party City and found tons of fun Paw Patrol decorations.

Turns out Atticus was not a fan. He said he wanted a Kaiser party. Kaiser is our dog. Atticus wanted me to take the Paw Patrol stuff back. And as so many of us parents do, I succumbed to the pressure of my toddler terrorist. Kids, 1,933. Parents, 0.

To be specific, Atticus said he wanted a corgi halloween party. What does that even mean? Whatever it means, he was dead set on it.

So we had a corgi party.

20160124_113542[1] 20160124_113353[1] 20160124_113323[1] 20160124_113604[1] 20160124_113316[1]

With pupperoni pizza from Dion’s.


And lots of other fun snacks like Pupcorn, Chew Sticks, Pawtato Chips, and Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts.

20160124_113218[1] 20160124_113209[1] 20160124_113304[1] 20160124_113229[1]

We drank toilet water.


And made sure to wipe our paws.


We pinned the tail on the corgi. Well we tried to.

20160124_122422[1] 20160124_122151[1]

And the kids adopted dogs.


Sometimes you can make things happen with a little help from Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, Google, Photoshop, and stuff you have laying around the house.


A party wouldn’t be complete without some kind of fail.  We bought a corgi cookie cutter (say that five times fast) from Amazon.  The finished cookies looked possibly like sheep blobs.  Oh well, not every one is a winner.

20160123_200501[1] 20160123_200453[1]

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. It was paw-some!

20160124_114441[1] 20160124_122908[1] 20160124_122905[1] 20160124_123011[1]

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